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Posted from the apocalypse:

Moved back to San Diego, CA (YAY!!), found an AMAZING man, got into San Diego State University, working on applying for my masters in CANADA!! I MISS YOU ALLLLLLL <3

AND!! I ammmmmm TRYING to get my art going!! Here are my platforms!

Facebook: chiboozyl
Instagram: chiboozyl
Twitter: chiboozyl
dA: chiboozyl
Ello: chiboozyl
TiKToK: chiboozyl
Patreon: chiboozyl

It's pmuch ALL @chiboozyl <3

And (I haven't updated my other LJs about this) but I got SO INTO D&D XD.. been writing my story... omg so much of it........... got a dog. O_O A DOG. I HAVE FURBABIES.
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